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ProControl Deluxe

ProSystem's ProControl Deluxe

ProSystem's ProControl Deluxe

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A Comprehensive HMI system to control your entire process. Improve production efficiency and quality with recipe management, data aquisition, reporting, alarm analytics and more. 


  • 21.5" Wide Screen Heavy Duty Panel PC

  • Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC 


  • Windows 10 IOT (Full OS PC upgradable)

  • Indusoft Embedded Runtime License 4000 tags (upgradable)

  • Alarm Management and Alarm History

  • Real Time and Historical Trending

  • Recipe Builder

  • Screen Capture

  • Security with programmable Users

  • Remote System Access for support

  • Export and Job Reporting (csv)

  • Full Line Graphics

  • Options Available 


Software features included