ProControl Deluxe

A Comprehensive HMI system to control your entire process. Improve production efficiency and quality with recipe management, data aquisition, reporting, alarm analytics and more. 


  • 21.5" Wide Screen Heavy Duty Panel PC

  • Allen Bradley Compactlogix PLC 


  • Windows 10 IOT (Full OS PC upgradable)

  • Indusoft Embedded Runtime License 4000 tags (upgradable)

  • Alarm Management and Alarm History

  • Real Time and Historical Trending

  • Recipe Builder

  • Screen Capture

  • Security with programmable Users

  • Remote System Access for support

  • Export and Job Reporting (csv)

  • Full Line Graphics

  • Options Available 


Software features included

Available Options

Our experienced engineering team has created the following screens for ease of machine operation. The options below are all available with the ProControl Deluxe package. Please contact for more information. 

SQL Data Acquisition - SQL server express database is available to collect the runtime historical data, for a more secured and controlled historical database.  A full PC is required.

21 CFR Part 11 - Our Indusoft Deluxe SCADA package offers the ability to meet FDA Code of regulations Title 21 for required machines. Special quoting, Event Logger, SQL Data Acquisition, and a Full PC all required

Production Limits - Organizes the machine's limit values like speed, temperatures, and pressures, onto one screen.  This allows the download of limit set points to prevent operators from inflicting irreversible harm to the machine. 

Event Logger - Allows customers to track and log important machine events like, user logins and logouts, recipe downloads, reports, and configured set point changes with dates and timestamps. 

Seven Day Timer - A weekly schedule to turn on machine barrel and selectable die temperatures at desired times in order to preheat machines between shift operations. 

Maintenance Alarms - User programmable alarms configured by a setpoint and machine running hours. Creates helpful reminders for maintenance teams to better manage the machine's state and condition.